International Woman’s Day

Today is International Woman’s Day around the world!

It wasn’t until 1975 that the UN finally made March 8 the official International Woman’s Day a calendar event for the world making it the day to recognize woman’s achievements across every walk of life.  So take a moment today and acknowledge the woman that make your life great!

You would have to be living under a rock to not notice that their is a current wave of empowerment for woman taking place in pop culture at the moment so this International Woman’s Day is a lot higher profile that previous, but if you have never heard of it before well here is a little background.

Not every culture or society has a Mothers Day and not every woman is a mother so in 1909 the US had the first National Women’s Day celebration in honor of the garment workers strike in the state of New York.  It was a year later that Copenhagen held the first Woman’s Day conference with an international attendance with 100 attendees from multiple countries.  By 1911 the idea had caught on inaugural International Woman’s Day was held in 3 countries.

So take a moment and acknowledge all the woman that have made a contribution to your life!


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