About Us

You work all year for a vacation.  Its play time, its you time, its family time and outside buying your home or your car its one of the most important financial investments you make.  At Maxim Vacation Rentals we know that a vacation is an investment in you.

2009 by Mike Jain founded Maxim Tours LLC because he wanted to help people.  His philosophy was simple approach treat every vacation as if we were travelling with you.  The most important goal we have is helping you find the right vacation product for your needs.

We are bringing the Maxim Tours attitude and success to Maxim Vacation Rentals.  Which is why your reading about our story right now!

Maxim Vacation Rentals lets us take all we know about the travel and especially what we really know about Florida and use it for you!  We are going to help you find the perfect place to stay!  The one that gives you a home away from home experience.  We will help you find the right place at the right price!

We really want you to have the best vacation you can so we are constantly searching for properties and adding them to our portfolio.